Welcome to Arthur Murray Dance Center

It’s easier than you think..

We will have you dancing in 1 session!  Our new students have a hard time believing this but it’s absolutely true!  Our step by step approach simplifies all of the popular dances of yesterday and today.  You’ll be amazed at how fun and simple our dancing system is.

Friendly, Supportive & Fun Dance Instruction

We understand that dancing is a life long skill that has the ability to transform people.  Fitness, confidence, skill and fun are all part of dancing.  Let our knowledgeable and friendly staff get you on your way to a fantastic and healthy new pastime.  We offer a variety of different lessons to meet your dancing and scheduling needs.  First, we offer one on one instruction with a professional instructor.  Lessons are set up by appointment at your convenience.  Group classes are also available daily with no appointment necessary.  Stop in whenever you want!  Finally, supervised practice sessions give you an opportunity to get together with friends and enjoy your dancing in a setting in which instructors are available for any questions you may have.

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